English Curriculum


Two full-time foreign teachers with professional preschool education qualifications.

Creating a solid foundation for future learning, we recognizing the value of happy learning:

1. Helping children to learn basic English and accumulating early English learning experience.
2. Leading children to master basic English knowledge and cultivating interest in English reading. ​

Features of English learning

1. Learn English words, phrases, and sentences from English stories.
2. Practicing English in the conversations of natural context.
3. Reading English books continuously and reading aloud.

Teaching methods

Children learning through:
1. Play and Games
2. Singing and Drama activities
3. Show and Tell
4. Puppetry

Diversified activities

1. Teaching phonics to help children to learn the pronunciation of English alphabets
2. English week
3. English ambassadors
4. Game booths
5. Storytelling show
6. Drama theater

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