Introduction of school​ support measures for Non-Chinese Languages Speaking Students
School Supporting for Non-Chinese Speaking Students
  • The school issues English circulars for parents so that they can easily understand the latest activities and information of the school.

  • The school provide telephone number and e-mail address for NCS students.

  • Telephone number: 2703 0981

  • e – mail address: [email protected]

Teacher’s supporting for Non-Chinese Speaking Students
  • The school has teachers who know different languages and communicate well with parents, such as English, Hindi, Urdu, and Korean.

  • There are multicultural teachers to help young children adapt to school life , such as : Pakistan , India.

Teaching and learning support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

In the field of teaching and learning, the school also practices

the following strategies and measures:

 1. Cultural Reflective Education / Family culture response:

  • Real-life learning themes that are closely related to children’s daily life experiences, the school curriculum is designed with the life experience of young children and added multicultural reflective elements in teaching activities such as food culture, clothing culture, etc. to response NCS students’ diversified background.

 2. Caring for the learning diversities:

  • Hierarchical teaching: teachers will adjust the difficulty of the curriculums to make it easier for young children to learn more confidently, and the assessment will be adapted to the learning situation of young children.

 3. Effective Chinese language learning:

  • The School uses different language strategies to enable young children an immersed Chinese Language environment as soon as possible to facilitate their learning of Chinese language abilities. For example, through story activities and reading plans, etc., young children could build up vocabulary and then further develop their sentence structure, so as to enhance their understanding of Chinese grammar.

  • Happy learning: The school teachers design game-oriented and story-oriented curriculums to arouse the interest of young children in learning. Children could make gradual improvements in a relaxed environment with the help of efficient pedagogic models.

Community resources for supporting parents of non-Chinese speaking children:

Centre for Harmony & Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents(CHEER)


\The main service content:

  1. On-site Interpretation Service(OIS)

  2. Telephone Interpretation Service(TELIS)

  3. Translation Service(TS) & Proof-reading Services (PS)

  4. Whatsapp & Interpretation Service(WSIS)

  5. Simultaneous Interpretation Service(SIS)

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